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Check out what The Journal of Light Construction and our clients have to say about LiteningFast™ Estimating and The Contractor’s Profit System

“Accuracy is the Hallmark of LiteningFast”

[Audio Testimonial – Click to Listen] “Hello, my name is Ben. I’m from Auburn Alabama. So, you are interested in an estimating program. Let me tell you this, LiteningFast is a construction tool that is as essential to my company business as nails. We depend upon it. This is the estimating product that removes us from using yellow legal pads,

“An Hour to Put Together a $150,000 Addition”

“We have been using LiteningFast since 1997 and I can tell you that it paid for itself on the first job. I am not great on computers yet this is so easy to use. The two best things this program has offered us is to help our customers gain trust and confidence in us and to also protect ourselves from

“Because the application is highly customizable, I can fit it to my environment”

“Just a quick note to let you know how you are doing! I’m working through the getting started guide and I’m very impressed with the writing style. It’s very easy and is an immense help with shortening the learning curve. Because the application is highly customizable, I can fit it to my environment. Now I can create estimates that make

“I Couldn’t be Happier With the Product”

[Audio Testimonial – Click to listen]”Hello, this is Calvin Davis, Marathon Building Company Wichita Falls, Texas. I’ve been using LiteningFast software since 1998. I couldn’t be happier with the product. It’s very easy to use and yet, it’s powerful and flexible and meets all my estimating needs. But, the most important aspect of the software to me is the level

I Really Like is That It Speaks to Microsoft Word

[Audio Testimonial – Click to Listen] “My name is Sal Versaggi, Versaggi Construction, Sonoma, California. I’ve been using LiteningFast Estimating for over 10 years now. It’s so easy to use, I don’t know what to tell you. The support from the designer, Nick Hurd, is wonderful. I put an email to him, he responds quickly. I call him, he responds.

“I Was Able to Put Out My Estimates in Probably Half the Time”

[Audio Testimonal – Click to Listen] “Hi, my name is Bob Obermeyer I’m a builder from Cape May, New Jersey. I just called in to talk about the estimating program. I have bought Litening Software. It was very easy to set up and learn and once I had everything set up the way I wanted it, I was able to

“If You Need to Get Up and Running This Week… Get LiteningFast”

“Although I have been a carpenter and a contractor for 24 years, it has only been 9 years since I began ‘computerizing’ my trade in business. If you are like 85% of construction outfits in this country (5 employees or less) you know that there just isn’t the time or the money to learn a new way to do something

“LiteningFast Does What You Expect”

“LiteningFast does what you expect it to do without requiring much effort on the part of the user.” The Journal Of Light Construction

“LiteningFast Has Helped Me Stay In the Black”

“Being a busy contractor, I needed a program that is quick, easy to learn and operate. With LiteningFast I got all that and more. My customers like the estimate reports and I like it working with QuickBooks Pro, my accounting program. LiteningFast has helped me stay in the black and look more professional.” Ron Christianson ON-SITE Construction Auburn, WA

“My Profit Margins Will Definitely Improve!”

“I just wanted to say that I really like this program. I just finished my first large estimate for adding a shed dormer and remodel the bathroom under it. It was very eye opening to me where my dollars were flying out of the window on my hand written estimates. My profit margins will definitely improve!” Brian Beachner Brian Beachner

“Simple to Learn and Use”

“LiteningFast is an inexpensive off-the-shelf program that’s simple to learn and use. Better yet, it links to QuickBooks, another inexpensive off-the-shelf program that’s simple to learn and use. That makes it a hit in my book.” The Journal Of Light Construction

“Thank You for Making Our Business Much Easier”

[Audio Testimonial – Click to Listen] “This is Norm Labrie from Charleston, South Carolina. My business is N. C. Labrie Custom Builders. We’ve been in business 32 years and we’ve been using LiteningFast for about the last 5 years. My projects range from $700,000 to $2,000,000, mostly residential projects. We’ve found Litening to be really easy to use, easy to

“The Ease of Use is Incredible”

[Audio Testimonial – Click to Listen] “Hi, this is Gary Krause and I would like to give a testimonial for Litening Software, which I’ve been using for several years now. It has the ability to create quality estimates that are on budget and help sorting out all the complex, complexities, of creating an estimate. Details are very important in estimating

“The Estimate Will be Dead on Target”

“I think your program is absolutely terrific. It is exactly what I needed to help me produce good estimates. With your program I don’t have to hire an estimator, I can do it myself in just 15-30 minutes… a 1200-1600 square foot house. And the estimate will be dead on target I figured my first job with your program. I

“There Just Isn’t Anything Better for the Small to Medium Size Contractor”

“I’ve been a LiteningFast user since ’94 and have been very happy with your software. I’ve done hundreds of estimates over the years. LiteningFast is easy to use and talks to every software I use in my business. Every once in a while I look around to see if I can find another software that might be better. There just

“We Were Able to do Estimates Almost Immediately”

“Just a note to say ‘thanks’ for writing LiteningFast!! We have been using it for several years and have become very attached to it because of it’s dependability and ease of use. The program is so very simple to learn to use, that we were able to do estimates almost immediately. The fact that estimates and budgets may be imported

“You Can Recover the Cost of the Program in the Savings from Just One Job”

[Audio Testimonial – Click to Listen] “Hi, this is Gerry Yeager with Pikles Remodeling in La Mesa, California. I’ve been using Litening Estimating for about 5 years. I use it to estimate kitchen and bath remodels. We’ve created our own sections and items and it was very easy to do that, to create them and in doing so it allows

QuickBooiks Tested & Certified

QuickBooiks Tested & Certified

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guaranteedUse The Contractor’s Profit System for 30 Days. Create estimates and put the program through all it’s paces. If you’re not absolutely convinced that the system will pay for itself 10 times over in the first year, request a refund. You must be absolutely convinced that the system will work for you or I insist that you return it.